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Richard began in the industry working as a makeup artist for MAC cosmetics and free lance fashion photographer, eventually transitioning his art into a full time career shooting runway shows, large scale events and weddings from Chicago to Miami 

With over 10 years of experience shaping his craft, Richard has created his own niche in a saturated market, by simply conveying the essence of each subject using innovative design, color and photographic imagery.


"I perceive photography, makeup & design to be a simple art using everyday people and places as it's canvas!" 


"Ive always had an innate passion for beautiful people and things and finally finding a way to capture and preserve them as memories in print has brought a lot of happiness to my personal life and to the lives of my clients."

Richard is the founder and principal designer of Richard Tomas Imaging, an Atlanta-based creative branding agency.

Richard Tomas.jpg
Richard Tomas Imaging / Atlanta Interior Designer / Atlanta Photographer / Graphic Designer / Logo Design

After relocating to Atlanta from Chicago, Richard expanded his business to include graphic, web design, interior design and much more, turning his 2 dimensional business into a complete branding agency. Armed with a full "creative" team, of talented artists, designers, and marketing strategists,  Richard Tomas Imaging now has the capability of providing an array of services that will meet our clients creative needs.





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