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1. Revisions

A. We allow up to 2 rounds of edits per item without incurring additional design fees of $75 per hour for revisions.

2. Materials

A. All materials (text, images, logos, information, media, etc.) are needed BEFORE your project can begin

B. Electronic files may be delivered in the following format:

Email, Word Documents, PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF
*Note: To ensure that all images are reflected in the sharpest manner, images must be sent in high resolution (minimum 300 dpi).  Images that are not sent in high resolution will result in poor print quality. Richard Tomas Imaging will not be held responsible, and reserves the right to decline projects due to poor quality images.

D. If a specific image is desired, but no high resolution image has been supplied by the client, a $75 fee that will be added.

E. Hard copies will be returned ONLY when accompanied by a self addressed stamped envelope.

F. Native/Source Files are available for release and are billed at a rate of 3x the base price. ie: Flyer $200 + Source File $600 = $800 For Flyer & Source File

3. Payment

A. All projects require a non-refundable deposit before the job can begin. NO EXCEPTIONS. Deposit is determined by job type.

B. Payment type accepted:
Paypal (orders over $300 require an additional fee of 3% that will be added to your total.)
Credit Card (orders over $300 require an additional fee of 3% that will be added to your total.)

C. Balance must be received before finish product is released or sent to print.

D. A full refund is available within 24 hours should your project not have started and payment is cleared. A partial refund is available within 7 days should your project not have started and payment is cleared. After 7 days a 90 Day Store Credit will be issued.

4. Printing

Richard Tomas Imaging subcontracts all print work and will not be held responsible for printer related issues such as delays in printing,

5. Proofing

Prior to print all clients will have the opportunity to review/proofread each job to ensure accuracy.  Once the job receives approval for print NO CHANGES MAY BE MADE. We are not responsible for any misspellings, punctuation or formatting after your last approval.

6. Deliveries

A. Once project is complete and printed, it is the clients’ responsibility to pick up, or arrange to have their project picked up.

B. The client is responsible for any shipping fees.

7. Turnaround

A. Our standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days for our staple designs.
B. Please allow 4-6 weeks for web design.
C. Printing turnarounds vary depending on the size of the project.

8. Expedite Fee

An additional Expedite Fee will be charged to clients that request their project to be completed within fewer than 7-10 business days. Fees will vary.

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