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Broker - Above Atlanta REALTORS, Atlanta GA

Richard is a gifted marketing and branding guru. He has a pulse on the hottest trends and is a very hard worker. He gives 110% and it shows. The projects he has tackled to help build our brand definitely elevated us to a new level. A+


Lead Pastor - Village Center Atlanta

" Working with Richard Tomas Imaging is simply one of the best decisions we have ever made. He is a creative force who brings passion and excellence to whatever project he is working on. Our rebranding effort has been a huge success because of Richard & his team! "

Lead Pastor -The Life House, Atlanta GA

"What can I say about Richard Tomas Imaging?

Honestly, I would not make a move without him. As it relates to my ministry and even church designs, his vision is GOD sent. He sees and can help you to develop your ministry or business in several aspects. If you are in the market to get your ministry or business to be cutting edge and  competitive, then Richard Tomas Imaging is the agency to work with!".

Chiropractor  - Total Wellness Solutions

Richard is a Creative Genius! I have never loved getting my picture taken! He takes you from before to after, complete and total transformation! He does your make up and even takes you shopping for the perfect fitted outfits that ROCK! I can't say enough about his work! He is also an incredible web designer and does all your Branding! Richard Tomas Design is the best thing that has happened to me in business and for my confidence! Thank you Richard! I am forever grateful for your mad skills! Plus you are so fun to work with!

Brand Abassador, Atlanta GA

Richard, you really have helped me create the image I want to publicly present, because there are so many different forms of beauty and talent to explore...I have gained more of a social media presence and have been able to capitalize on opportunities to be a brand ambassador for multiple projects in Atlanta and other areas. I cannot wait for our next photoshoot!!

Boutique Owner, Atlanta GA

I want to thank God for your friendship my love. Thank you for being so kind and so professional with me. Your creativity and ability to get the ideas out of my head and bring them life, is simply amazing. I love your sense of fashion and good taste. I am so excited about the new website your company developed for me at the beginning of this year. I know that we will definitely be working together more in the future. Please never change the way you are. When we are together,you make me laugh so hard, I love it!! 

Actress, Atlanta GA

Being in the movie industry, it is very important your photographer knows what they are looking for. Richard listens to your needs and has a keen eye for fashion. Trust his knowledge! My career changed rapidly the day I got my proofs back!

Pastors & Life Coaches

Richard is one of the most creative people I know whether it is photography, painting, interior decorating, creating web design, branding, or to the beautifying of human beings through his impeccable styling. He has a gift! - He has created and managed our brand for over 15 years and always seems to create consistent content for our ministry that is current and relevant. Just tell him what you want and watch his creativity go to work for you.

Chiropractor, JAS Medical Wellness Center

Richard is 100% motivation , loaded with energy and thought all of the time. His video's are nothing short of amazing and to the point which we felt was needed for us and for what we where trying to accomplish. His work is clean and full of thought, you will not regret using Richard, extremely talented!!.

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