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My heart hurts for Houston. I absolutely love Houston. Many of my friends have been affected by this weeks hurricane, so please pardon my lack of blog posts and activity around here.

If there is one thing I know about Houstonians, they are some of the most amazing, friendly and supportive people I know. Much like the wonderful interior design community, when the going gets tough we all band together. Which is why this week, I want to put an emphasis on Houston design and some of my favorite people & designers.

Today, I wanted to feature Paloma Contreras, a fellow design blogger who I have known for years and watched her blossom into a beautiful designer. This is one of my favorite projects of hers, big, beautiful, black and white. My personal favorite palette.

I especially love this living area. It feels so fresh, clean and glamorous. Every high style room must have theKelly Wearstler pop bowl. It's one of my favorite looks because it adds a pop of fun personality to an otherwise calm room.

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