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How to Master the Art of Men's Style

In many professional fields, a man’s appearance is extremely important, and, in today’s world, being a well put together man is more important than ever. Besides the social and economic benefits of staying abreast of the world of style, many men find it immensely gratifying and even develop a sense of fascination for understanding the subtle elements of personal elegance.

However, there is more to sartorial elegance than simply knowing how to shop. Acquiring a knack for sartorial taste is almost like learning a new art form. With that in mind, here are some useful guidelines to dressing impeccably well:

Start with a custom-made suit.When it comes to suits, European tailors have long since mastered the art of designing custom-made. In fact, it’s possible to ask for custom tailored suits in Utah that are designed by European tailors. After a 90-minute fitting session, your measurements and stylistic preferences are sent to European tailors. The work is done quickly and you can pick up your suit within just four to six weeks. Incidentally, besides getting a bespoke suit, also seek out an alteration tailor as you will gain or lose weight over time.

When it comes to color, don’t just wear black suits all the time. While it’s fine if this is your preferred color, your wardrobe should include a few gray suits and blue suits, particularly dark and medium blue suits.

Prefer white shirts.

Just as your default suit color is black, your default shirt color should be white. When it comes to colors and patterns, men tend to go overboard, creating a gaudy effect. White shirts are more mature, separating the men from the boys. Naturally, all your shirts should always fit well and be ironed. “The white shirt does, however, have the edge in terms of formality and should be chosen for the most formal of occasions,” says Business Insider.

Avoid common clothing mistakes.

The clothes you wear should work well with your body type, specifically your body morphology. Here are 3 common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Weight tips: If you’re on the heavy side, prefer plain suits and small stripes, and don’t wear windowpane pattern, large stripes, generous lapels, big belts, or double-breasted suits. Conversely, if you’re slender, do just the opposite.

  2. Height tips: If you’re short, don’t wear lapels that are too low on your chest and pants that are low-cut. And if you’re tall, don’t wear high lapels and small stripes, but do wear heavy fabric and peak lapels.

  3. Fitting tips: We live in a culture where large and extra large have become equated with comfortable. Wearing coats, suits, and jackets that are a size too large for you is not attractive. The better your clothes fit, the more elegant you’ll look.

Wear high-quality shoes.

Since shoes make a huge difference in appearance, it might be tempting to buy a large variety of shoes. This is actually a mistake. It’s a better option to buy 2 to 4 pairs of high-quality shoes. Think of it like a stock investment. Instead of buying a number of low-value stocks hoping to make money from the aggregate of dividends, focus, Warren Buffett-style, on buying expensive, high-value stocks. Poor quality shoes made of fake leather or mediocre grade leather shoes will ruin a great outfit.

Strive to Look Good in your Clothes

In closing, it’s important to stress the value of getting back in shape and adopting good posture as this will make a huge difference to how well you look in your clothes.

Unless you’re wearing a body corset, a good suit won’t hide a large paunch. While expert tailoring might mitigate your silhouette, it won’t entirely cover up an out-of-shape figure. It’s not necessary to join a gym, just exercise enough to stay slender and avoid excessive eating or drinking. One useful tip to lose excess weight is to go on an alkaline diet. Your tailor might be a magician, but a little help from you will go a long way to looking good in your fine clothes.

The whole idea of dressing well is to look like an alpha male. This means that you have to avoid beta male body language like slumped shoulders and a drooping head when you stand, an arched back when you sit, and a diffident walk. While you don’t exactly have to puff out your chest and swing your arms, you should be mindful enough of your body to avoid slipping into poor posture.


Here's to a Stylish Year 2018!!

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